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This is my pic I am a Masters Research student at Robotics Research Center in IIIT-Hyderabad under the guidance of Dr.Suril V.Shah and Dr.K Madhava Krishna. I have a backing of B.Tech degree in Mechanigal Engineering from VIT, vellore.

My inspiration comes from amazing abilities displayed by the biological systems of nature. I aspire to bring robotic systems on par with biological counterparts in terms of perception, movement and control.
I am eager to explore the following research topics
  • Dynamic locomotion and manipulation
  • Optimization for control and motion planning of robots
  • Learning applied bridging perception and control

Research Projects

Research in IIIT-Hyderabad has helped me dive into the field of robotics giving me a good sense of the contemporary problems prevailing in the field. I worked on the following projects

Floating Base Dual Arm Manipulator(MS Thesis)

The setup is a redundant dual arm manipulator mounted on a floating base satellite with camera at end of each arm for visual feedback. With the task of visual servoing to a target, we could

  • Perform Generalized Jacobian Matrix based control.
  • Use redundancy and task priority formulation to perform reactionless visual servoing.
  • Device a sampling based kinodynamic path planning algorithm for reactionless visual servoing.
More details here
This is my pic

Modular Setp Climbing Robot

A fully actuated multi-module robot traversing on uneven terrain. Conversely, an attempt was made to design a multi-module system having actuators only at alternate link joints. Design of control schemes and optimization of the design parameters contribute to the increased performance of the traversal of uneven terrain.

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This is my pic